Forensic Services

Steinmann Institute would like to make you aware of our services in forensic psychiatry.

Our doctors, including two board-certified psychiatrists and neuropsychologist, offer expertise in forensic psychiatry and neuropsychological evaluations. We specialize in the forensic application of our clinical expertise by conducting prompt and thorough evaluation of your clients.

Our rates for all Forensic Psychiatry Services are listed below:

Psychiatric consultation and/or written report

Review of deposition, records, reports or other data

Conferences with attorneys or others as required

Research as required

Psychological testing and review
Begin at $3,500.00

Neuropsychological Evaluation
Begin at $5,000.00

Deposition in-office (irrespective of who requests and sets said deposition, you will be responsible for any balance not paid by your adversaries)

Testimony in Court or at Deposition (per day/does not include travel expenses):

Salt Lake County $3,000.00
Utah County $3,500.00
Other counties in Utah $4,000.00
Retainer Fee for Out of State Cases Begin at $7,000.00