Medication Management


Steinmann Institute focuses on your psychiatric needs by providing comprehensive stabilizing psychiatric treatment.

Our priorities are to ensure security and discretion, courtesy, reliability and efficiency.

We pride ourselves in maintaining:

• Professional, personalized service
• Flexible hours/immediate availability
• A competitive approach

Psychopharmacology can play an important role in the treatment of an individual’s psychiatric problems. Steinmann Institute views medication management as a collaborative process with patient, psychotherapist and family all-playing an important role. Helping patients understand what medication can, and just as importantly, what medication can not do in treating psychiatric disorders is an important aspect of medication management. Potential risks, benefits and alternative treatment options are carefully considered and explained before initiating treatment. Systematic and careful follow up allow for the optimization of treatment.

Our tailored service has been developed to keep your foremost interests, expectations and budget in consideration.

We style our services to your specific needs, from on-site evaluations to remote telepsychiatry options for rural or distant settings.

Collaborative, team-based approach for patients of every age and stage of development are available from initial evaluation to follow-up treatment. Expert clinicians representing a broad range of complementary specialties bring an unparalleled, integrated and comprehensive approach to treatment planning and continuing care.

Evidence-based treatments ensure that our patients receive the latest, safest and most effective therapies available. Our staff of clinicians includes leaders in psychiatric and psychological research, who participate in numerous studies of new treatments. In some cases our patients may participate in these studies, benefiting from the most attentive and leading edge care possible:

• Diagnostic evaluations and second opinions
• Expert consultation
• Medication management


We provide diagnostic and treatment services individuals who are affected by a wide spectrum of mental health problems:

• Oppositional Defiant Disorder
• Anxiety and Mood Disorders
• Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
• Tourette Syndrome
• Learning Disabilities
• Drug and alcohol addiction
• Psychosis

Your insurance company will be notified of your visit and benefits, pre-certifications and authorizations will be obtained. If, however, you are uninsured or choose to pay for your visit, you are responsible for the appointment charges listed below.

Initial Evaluation

Follow Up

Payment must be made at the time of the office visit. We accept cash, personal check, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. It is the patient’s responsibility to pay any deductible, coinsurance or any other amount not covered by an insurance company.